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FAQ - Health Care Foundation Zambia
1. Tell me more about your organization.

Health Care Foundation Zambia (HCFZ) is a community based, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization legally registered in Zambia in accordance with the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Act No. 16 of 2009.


HCFZ’s Vision is “To see a Zambia with healthy citizens”.


In order to achieve its vision, HCFZ promotes health for all at individual, family and community level in Zambia through its members who implements Primary Health Care activities such as community health outreach and stakeholder engagement, sensitization and advocacy, training, care, support and research.

2. Where is your organization located?

Plot No. 596A, Meanwood Kwamwena Valley, Post.Net 463,

P/BAG E891, Manda Hill Shopping Mall, Lusaka, Zambia.

3. Can you tell me more about your programs of interest?

Our programs of interest are as summarized here below, and each

Program focus area has a number of project interest areas as the

community health diagnosis may reveal from time to time:

  1. Disease prevention and control
  2. Water and sanitation
  3. Food security and nutrition
  4. Mental health
  5. Child development and protection
  6. Maternal and child health
  7. Sexual and reproductive health
  8. Poverty reduction and health
  9. Drug and substance abuse
  10. Gender based violence
  11. Patient safety
  12. Care and support
  13. Health information, communication and technology
  14. Health systems strengthening
  15. Research and development
4. How can I help?
  • You can help by becoming a member also called a volunteer member of the foundation. As a member you can help by participating in Community health project implementation. You can also help by offering your expertise, time, material and financial resources.
  • You can also help by becoming a community project partner. As a project partner you can support project implementation through funding and/or offering material and technical support, including medical and surgical supplies as well as office equipment and furniture.
  • Furthermore, you can help by making a donation. Donations in form of money, medical and surgical equipment and materials including office equipment and furniture, hospital linen, wheelchairs and personal protective equipment, among others, to be handed over to needy health facilities and home based care patients.
5. How can I volunteer?

One can volunteer by participating as a member of the foundation or

a resident of a community where the foundation is implementing its

Community health project.

6. Do I need to be a member to volunteer my services and expertise?

Yes one needs to be a member to volunteer, except when you what to

participate in a project implementation as a collaborating partner or donor.

7. Why do I need to become a member of HCFZ in order for me to volunteer my services and/or expertise?

you need to become a member so that the organization (HCFZ) has a legal mandate to hold you accountable for actions detrimental to the well being of members of the community entrusted to you.


8. How can I become a member of your organization?

You must apply using the approved HCFZ Membership application form, and pay the prescribed annual membership subscription fee in accordance with the provisions of HCFZ Constitution.

9. How much is the annual membership subscription fee?

The Annual Membership Subscription fee is three hundred and fifty Kwacha (K350.00) only.

10. What are your phone, WHATSAPP and email contact details?

WHATSAPP: 0761563337

CALL: AIRTEL: 0770708790

MTN: 0761563337

Email: healthcarefoundation.zambia@hcfz.org